Lighthouse Point has a tropical climate. Therefore, it is recommended to get the right type of garage door that will withstand Florida’s weather. Owing to the destructive effects of weather; high-quality windows and materials are necessary. There could be many problems that arise with the garage doors as well. Some get rusted or stained, while others become jammed or impossible to lift. So when you are upgrading your house or garage, keep these factors in mind.

• Material:

It’s very important to keep in mind the weather and other local conditions which could affect the functioning of your garage doors. In places like Florida placing a fragile door could raise problems as this place is famous for hurricanes and wind storms. So garage doors must be ‘Weather Resistant’. As doors can be made of different materials so a stainless steel or wood door could be a suitable option.

• Size:

Size is another key factor in the selection of doors. It depends on your needs. For example if you are keeping a heavy vehicle you can have a large size garage door. The door must not be too huge to look ugly.

• Safety:

Last but definitely not the least safety measures are to be kept in mind. Your door must be strong enough to keep your belongings safe inside. Mostly steel doors are preferred for security purposes.